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Are you looking for LAN solutions? You're lookin' in the wrong place - this is just a personal website.  (I mean, I could help you out, but that's not the purpose of this website.)

The purpose of this website? Uh, well... ummm... I guess it's just a place for me to blog and post a photo or two, I guess. Nothing special - just me.

My Driving Pet Peeves

We all have pet peeves. We all have things that set us off. Mine seem to all do with commuting - driving, mostly. I've decided to start a collection of them.

My Mundane Mid-Life

This is my personal blog - sort of a personal diary chronicling things that happen in my personal life. Yes, I'm boring, yes it's all mundane. Hey! Why do you think I called the blog My Mundane Mid-Life?


Well, even though we enjoy dogs, we've never had one as a pet. One day, when we were living in a garden apartment, we were coming home from somewhere when we saw that a mother rabbit had dug a small nest near our window and there were a couple of baby bunnies in the nest.

Well, that pushed us over the edge and we got our first bunny and have been hooked ever since.

Bill Jackson

I auditioned to become a puppeteer just 2 months after starting college and wound-up being inextricably part of the rich history of Children's Television in Chicago by working for Chicago icon Bill Jackson on a show called Gigglesnort Hotel. I did a few other things with Bill as well, such as commercials, another short-lived show called Firehouse Follies, and even a pilot for a series and got to work with a Hollywood legend, Broderick Crawford. If you remember BJ & Dirty Dragon, check out some of my memories.

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