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The Budd Company
"The Bull Session"

November 14-15 1978

We went to Detroit to shoot a HR video for the Budd Company, called "The Bull Session". This was the first time I had gone out of town to work with Bill - and it was the day after I started working full-time as a Programmer Trainee at Brunswick Corporation.

I only remember a few things from the entire trip - Detroit wasn't a nice place to be, the airport wasn't the greatest, and I worked with two other puppeteers and I can't for the life of me remember their names! The characters that were in the shoot were The Old Professor, and the Thumptwangers, but the real oddity was Mother Plumtree - Bill had re-painted her so that she was African American! Gave a whole different spin on the same character!

I did take some pictures during the shoot.



Gallery Thumbnail Display


The photographs in this gallery are from a video production for the HR department of the Budd Company. The show was called "The Bull Session" and was shot in Detroit at the Wilding Division of Bell & Howell in November of 1978.

To view a larger version of the photograph, please click on the thumbnail.

Wide shot of set Extreme wide shot of set Nancy on the set Nancy and Bill on set Camera Walking to the studio Wilding Underneath The set Myrtle Myrtle as Myrtle The Old Professor The Old Professor as Wide shot Setting up a scene Under the table Crowded Touch-ups Waiting Wide shot Nancy & Bill Mother Plumtree as Maynard Thumptwanger Slate Wide shot Puppeteering Double-team Nancy waiting Set from above Wide shot

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