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BJ & Dirty Dragon Stage Show

Woodstock Opera House - August 13, 1977
Old Orchard Theater - August 27, 1977

Part of the history of Bill Jackson in Chicago is the Dirty Dragon Stage Shows that he did during the Cartoon Town era at WFLD-32. Bill did two more during the Gigglesnort era.

No puppeteering in this one, though I ran the audio playback of the music and Dirty's prerecorded lines.

The show at the Woodstock Opera house had one major problem during the show - the failure (temporarily, thank God) of the reel-to-real tape deck that I was using. Next show - two decks.



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Bill used to also produce live stage shows. These are photographs I took from the wings of "The BJ & Dirty Dragon Stage Show" at the Woodstock Opera House in Woodstock, Illinois on August 13, 1977.

To view a larger version of the photograph, please click on the thumbnail.

Full-sized Dirty Dragon Bill Jackson on stage Woodstock Opera House Woodstock Opera House interior

Interested in videotapes of Gigglesnort Hotel? Be sure to visit Bill Jackson's website -!


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